Dialogue Plataform on Mining, Democracy and Sustainable Development

The Argentinean Platform for Dialogue on Mining, Democracy and Sustainable Development is an initiative that seeks to generate processes of social change, in order to achieve more participative and inclusive practices in the field of mining conflict. This Platform aims to be a space that allows various social, governmental, academic and private stakeholders to work on two major issues: the production of credible, relevant and legitimate information on mining conflicts, which makes a shared diagnosis possible and enriches future deliberations; and, the development of proposals and strategies to address, through dialogue, the mining conflict in Argentina in the present and the future. From this space various activities were organized, including the creation of a collaborative map of mining conflicts, the convening of different conferences, seminars and the production of information materials, proposals and positions regarding mining conflicts at the national level.

Institutional design


Formalization: is the innovation embedded in the constitution or legislation, in an administrative act, or not formalized at all?

Frequency: how often does the innovation take place: only once, sporadically, or is it permanent or regular?

Mode of Selection of Participants: is the innovation open to all participants, access is restricted to some kind of condition, or both methods apply?

Type of participants: those who participate are individual citizens, civil society organizations, private stakeholders or a combination of those?

Decisiveness: does the innovation takes binding, non-binding or no decision at all?

Co-governance: is there involvement of the government in the process or not?

not backed by constitution nor legislation, nor by any governmental policy or program 
Mode of selection of participants
Type of participants
civil society private stakeholders  
democratic innovation yields no decision  


  • Deliberation
  • Direct Voting
  • E-Participation
  • Citizen Representation


  • Accountability
  • Responsiveness
  • Rule of Law
  • Political Inclusion
  • Social Equality

Policy cycle

Agenda setting
Formulation and decision-making
Policy Evaluation


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